Primary Colors

22 Feb

It’s that time again! The final 4 candidates square off in the last live fire exercise before Super Tuesday. Tune into The Brazen 3 Show directly after the debate for the Tea Party analysis, news on Obamacare, what a real media member might ask Obama and more!

Join the live chat HERE and call 805.285.9769 to get on air from 10-11pm eastern!

We don't really like any of the candidates...


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One response to “Primary Colors

  1. Sarah

    February 23, 2012 at 3:15 pm

    I have been listening to you for about a year and a half. I have heard you all improve your show and become more effective in relaying the message of conservatism. I am however very disappointed with how you talk about Rick Santorum. I do not believe you give him the respect he deserves. As far as “Ron Paul’s dig about Santorum in the begining of the debate” It was childish. Ron Paul is very childish, he was asked why he called Rick Santorum a fake, his answer was “Because he is” that is NOT an informed answer. Rick Santorum has more integrity in his pinky then Ron Paul has in his entire body. Ron Paul is the fake, he has been in politics for a very very very long time and has never actually accomplished anything because he has no support where it counts. Cassidy, you need to get off the Paul train, he is a shill for Rommney, Paul is only looking out for his son’s future in politics. I think you need to do more comprehensive research on Santorum, not take the talking points that Rommney and Paul put out about him and then repeat them as facts. Do your own research you will find that he has the same ideals you hold, getting government out of our everyday lives! That is the key!
    Thanks for your show and for reading my email


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