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Battle of the Soundbytes – Part 6

Battle of the Soundbytes – Part 6

The phrase of the evening was 9-9-9, Ron Paul and Herman Cain squared off over the fed and Rick Santorum actually said “I want to go to war with China.”

Tonight the Brazen 3 take your calls on the GOP debate (hatchet jobs and all), Topeka’s District Attorney holding the rule of law hostage, more reasons to reduce our contribution to the UN and more!

Listen LIVE HERE from 10-11pm and call 805.285.9769 with your debate points!


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Battle of the Soundbytes – Part 4

Battle of the Soundbytes – Part 4

Once again, the field of Republican candidates square off. Gary Johnson made his debut, Perry was spared nothing, Gingrich had some highlights and Cain got a standing ovation.

The Brazen 3 will discuss the debate, updates on Solyndra and public union fraud, the war on nouns and more!

Listen LIVE HERE and Call 805.285.9769 from 10-11pm tonight with what you thought of your candidate… and that one guy you really don’t want to see in the Oval Office. No, not him, the other one.


Suprise! Tea Party NOT GOP shills!

Suprise! Tea Party NOT GOP shills!

If you were under the impression that the Tea Party blindly follows the Republican party, I have some bad news for you. After a comprehensive survey of the tea party coordinators and members, John Bohener can no longer pretend to speak for limited government, fiscal (anything) or free markets.

We want your calls on the debt crises, Arizona’s immigration news, Ohio’s union recall petitions and Wisconsin’s triumph.

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Democrats now particiating in the free market of ideas!

Democrats now particiating in the free market of ideas!

I know, right?

With Obama’s attempt to steam roll the Republicans failing, Harry Reid has now entered the fray with an actual plan (shocking, I know). Now Congress can choose from 4 choices…

The Brazen 3 have those choices tonight on the show as well as union activity in Ohio, border fence funding in Arizona and more!

Listen LIVE right HERE from 10-11pm and call 805.285.9769 with your contribution to the free marketplace of ideas!

P.S. Can I look to you for a recap of Obama’s speech? I have to… wash my hair.


Wednesday 6.29 Show Notes

Greeks pass critical budget cuts despite protests

Tim Geithner’s Jim DeMint smackdown

Pennsylvania Congressman Jason Altmire Held Town Hall Meeting In Rochester PA

Napolitano: DHS Not Looking to Deport ‘DREAM Act Students’

Reaping what they’ve sown

Former Obama czar launches yet another Anti-Tea Party

Obama Scolds Congress, Says Malia and Sasha Are More Disciplined



Wednesday 6.22 Show Notes

Perry adds anti-groping bill to special session

Lawmaker wants to criminalize ‘intrusive’ searches by airport screeners

Surprise! TSA Is Searching Your Car, Subway, Ferry, Bus, AND Plane

Blue State Schools: The Shame of a Nation

Key GOP lawmaker slams administration labor plan

Issa staffer: Gunrunner investigation points much higher than ATF director

Hatch in huge trouble back home,

No Money in South Carolina Budget to Fund 2012 GOP Primary

Obama issues Dream Act by executive order…press ignores

Eighty percent of Obama’s big-money donors are now members of Obama’s administration



Eric’s got some ‘splaining to do.

Eric’s got some ‘splaining to do.

Don’t you just hate it when your government arranges for hundreds of weapons to be used as bait for arms dealers and then doesn’t bother to catch the fish that bite? Us too.

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P.S. Wisconsin, we’ll get to you too!