2-1 Show Notes

Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke to Testify at House Budget Committee

What is the Difference Between a Caucus and Primary?

Drip, Drip, Drip: Yet Another Green Energy Stimulus Recipient Hits the Skids (the third this week!)

House Votes to Repeal CLASS Act


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Caucus vs. Primary

So… you’ve decided to vote in a primary…

What’s the difference between this…

and this?

Tonight The Brazen 3 cover Florida’s primary with Florida Tea Party Patriots State Coordinator Pam Wohlschlegel, breaking news on Ben Bernanke, Repeal of the CLASS Act and more!

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Show Notes 1-25

Barack Obama Is the Food Stamp President

The Legislation That Could Kill Internet Privacy for Good

H.R. 1981: Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom denies piracy charges, embraces lavish lifestyle

MegaUpload Is Now Launching a Music Service Called MegaBox…

PICKET: U.S. Auto dealerships turning away Chevy Volts

What the White House Really Knew About the Stimulus


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The State of the Campaign Address

Apologies, I thought addressing Congress, the Supreme Court, the Cabinet and The Joint Chiefs would require more than a stump speech and 70 minutes of “I love me.” However, once you get past the “fair share” comments, economic fantasies and requests for more executive power, one can almost see his plan for 2012.

Too bad the State of the Union Address was supposed to be a report card, not a sales pitch.

And what’s up with the constant grimmace?

I hope you're buying this...

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Show Notes 1-18

Santorum Staffer Says Women Shouldn’t Be President Because It’s Against God’s Will

Indiana Labor Measure Is Expected to Progress

Time for National Right to Work

Right to Work States

Supreme Court Rejects Obama Administration Power Grab Over Churches in Hosanna-Tabor v. EEOC

Huge Victory for Religious Liberty, and a Huge Defeat for the Obama Justice Department

Supreme Court Case Offers Protection for Pastors’ Sermons

Socialist Party Derides Rick Perry ‘Fairy Tale’ Of Obama As Socialist

Hatch withdraws support for controversial PIPA

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Show Notes 1-11

Five Things to Look for From New Hampshire

Romney Moves Ahead, Rails Against ‘Social Welfare State’

Obama’s Florida Freefall

Perry might not qualify for key SC debates

The abysmal incompetence of the non-Romneys

Why The Movie Industry Can’t Innovate and the Result is SOPA

For and Against SOPA

Enemy Expatriation Act

EPA Fines Companies Because They Didn’t Use A Fuel That Doesn’t Exist

Romney to S.C. voters: Follow N.H. voters


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Big Hollywood says the sky is falling, needs SOPA to prop it up

As it turns out, Big Hollywood is pushing the Stop Online Piracy Act for a very good reason.

Buying legislation has worked for crony corporations before. If it ain’t broke…

Working like a well-oiled machine.

Tonight The Brazen 3 talk about what the New Hampshire Primary really means for the Tea Party, the next fight against Big Labor, The Supreme Court ruling on religious employment and more!

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