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Primary Colors

It’s that time again! The final 4 candidates square off in the last live fire exercise before Super Tuesday. Tune into The Brazen 3 Show directly after the debate for the Tea Party analysis, news on Obamacare, what a real media member might ask Obama and more!

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We don't really like any of the candidates...


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The State of the Campaign Address

Apologies, I thought addressing Congress, the Supreme Court, the Cabinet and The Joint Chiefs would require more than a stump speech and 70 minutes of “I love me.” However, once you get past the “fair share” comments, economic fantasies and requests for more executive power, one can almost see his plan for 2012.

Too bad the State of the Union Address was supposed to be a report card, not a sales pitch.

And what’s up with the constant grimmace?

I hope you're buying this...

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Cart, Horse & Farmer. Which one is which?

The farmer produces the farm.

The horse has a job.

The cart is an inanimate object.

Government can’t produce anything. It can only take from others. It’s also failing to do the job it was harnessed for. The only choice left is the cart, nothing more than a pile of sticks until the farmer and horse have use of it.

So, what could possibly make Harry Reid think that “My job is to create jobs.”?

Don't be fooled, the horses REALLY need that wagon.

Tonight on The Brazen 3 Show, hosts Shelby, Lauren and Cassidy analyze last Saturday’s debate, some creepy news from The Pentagon, and the new job machine!

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Because putting the cart before the horse never works.




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Battle of the Soundbytes – Part 6

Battle of the Soundbytes – Part 6

The phrase of the evening was 9-9-9, Ron Paul and Herman Cain squared off over the fed and Rick Santorum actually said “I want to go to war with China.”

Tonight the Brazen 3 take your calls on the GOP debate (hatchet jobs and all), Topeka’s District Attorney holding the rule of law hostage, more reasons to reduce our contribution to the UN and more!

Listen LIVE HERE from 10-11pm and call 805.285.9769 with your debate points!


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