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The Media has ADD

One moment Mitt Romney needs to sweep Arizona and Michigan to stay alive and the next day the race is all but over because he won both Michigan and Arizo…    SQUIRREL!

Don't fall for it!

Join the Brazen 3 tonight as they discuss the 10th senator to throw in the towel this year, the IRS assault on tea parties across the country, the election results with Annette McHugh, Arizona State Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots and more!

LISTEN HERE from 10-11pm eastern and call 805.285.9769 to get on air!


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2-1 Show Notes

Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke to Testify at House Budget Committee

What is the Difference Between a Caucus and Primary?

Drip, Drip, Drip: Yet Another Green Energy Stimulus Recipient Hits the Skids (the third this week!)

House Votes to Repeal CLASS Act


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Cart, Horse & Farmer. Which one is which?

The farmer produces the farm.

The horse has a job.

The cart is an inanimate object.

Government can’t produce anything. It can only take from others. It’s also failing to do the job it was harnessed for. The only choice left is the cart, nothing more than a pile of sticks until the farmer and horse have use of it.

So, what could possibly make Harry Reid think that “My job is to create jobs.”?

Don't be fooled, the horses REALLY need that wagon.

Tonight on The Brazen 3 Show, hosts Shelby, Lauren and Cassidy analyze last Saturday’s debate, some creepy news from The Pentagon, and the new job machine!

Listen tonight from 9:30-11pm eastern HERE, join our live CHAT and call 805.285.9769 to get on air!

Because putting the cart before the horse never works.




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U.S. Debt…It’s about supression.

In the financial world, STD stands for Still Taking Debt, in this case, US debt. We have a list of countries that we’ve been willing, nay, begging to share our STDs with but in the past few months, these countries have sought treatment. Why, because the disease finally became symptomatic.

According to an article in the National Review Online Hedge funds, investors and countries are getting rid of long term US Bonds like so much Chlamydia. The burning sensation is here and as a result, the list of people willing to buy US debt grows thin. Normally OPEC, China, Japan, and The Federal Reserve are the top buyers of US debt but with Japan needing to rebuild and China actually running a trade deficit last quarter, the only one who hasn’t seen the late night Valtrex commercials is the Federal Reserve.

Many times we view financial crisis talk of this nature as something that will screw us over 5, 10, even 20 years from now but bear in mind that people dumping long-term U.S. debt are either buying debt that matures in less than a year or taking their money out of the debt market completely. The countries and investors that were willing to hang out with us, despite the STDs we gave them, have left us at the bar to fend for ourselves. At this point, in order to get someone to buy us a drink (I.E. more of our debt), we’re pulling a Brittany Spears and flashing the cash and prizes…or lack of cash as the case may be.

Anyone with a checkbook realizes they’re going to have to boil us before they sleep with us.

The reward in buying debt is the interest paid on it, from the borrower to you. If the borrower has gotten so desperate for more money that even OPEC is looking friendly enough to take home from the bar, it’s a pretty safe bet that they don’t have the money to pay back the principal, let alone the interest. We no longer look like Brittany Spears but rather a meth addict with gaping open sores; there is no Trojan Man to save us.

Looks like we’re just going to have to save ourselves.

Boiling, in this case, comes in the form of deep and fast spending cuts. We’re not talking about the pathetic $5 Billion here or $61 Billion there; we’re talking about cuts in the Trillions and before the end of the year. Yes, it’s going to hurt, badly; but not as bad as it would should the debt bubble burst suddenly. If Chlamydia goes untreated, it can lead to infertility; if our debt runs rampant, we will not be able to reproduce American financial success.

What does this physically mean? It means that services the government provide need to stop or be drastically reduced. There’s always a list of what departments can and should be shut down but there are concerns that the needed cuts will lead to even higher unemployment numbers. The government was never supposed to employ so many people that shrinking it was cause for alarm. So when it comes to our choice of who to lay off, we need to understand what, exactly, we need the government to do. Fact is we need the military. It doesn’t matter how many times we’ve failed to balance our checkbook, there are bad people out there that won’t care if we call a time out to open up Quicken. What we don’t need, want, and can’t afford are the social programs the government provides. We can’t afford to care if chocolate milk is in our schools or not and we have neither the time nor the inclination to subsidize 5.8% of NPR. Stop. Writing. Checks.

When an outbreak occurs, seek medical attention immediately. Valtrex; it’s about suppression…U.S. Debt; it’s about recession.


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Tea Party Squatter

Get out your canes and prepare to whack me, because I have a confession to make. I went to my very first local tea party meeting just this last week. In my defense, I am married to a military man and we have moved 17 times in the past ten years. Thus, getting involved in local politics is almost a joke. Consequently, I’ve been involved on more of a national level. But since all politics are local, I likely deserve a few lashings. Be gentle – for Lauren and Shelby never are. While I take my caning, I’ll tell you a few things I learned at this local political event. And I respectfully pass them along to you.

I almost didn’t go. It was a school night. My husband is out of town. And I was haggard with running errands and getting the kids’ dinner made. I made it there 15 minutes late, having no idea who was speaking or what to expect from them. I walked in with a clean slate. Patrick Salyer, a member of the local school board who is running for city council, quickly crapped on that slate and told me it was delicious pudding – so eat up.

I'm not a tea partier, I just play one on TV.

One of the first characteristics I noted was that, within the first five minutes, Salyer used the word “constitution” or one of its variations numerous times. As I listened to his presentation, it became clear that not only did Salyer care nothing for constitutional limitations of government, he was simply using it as a catch phrase to hook his audience. Politicians have clued in to tea partiers’ devotion to the Constitution as the founding and guiding document in both our history and our current political climate. It’s important that we beware not to fall for simple catch phrases as they try to win our votes.

The next thing I learned is that, as political activists, we need to have our facts down. If you’re like me, statistics and numbers and raw data just don’t stick in your head. But these politicians who are trying to win the favor of the tea party movement have researchers combing through all the numbers that they need to make their case. As I sat in that meeting, I, as well as other members in the audience, felt an inherent distrust towards Mr. Salyer. But as he fed us numbers and statistics and conclusions that we did not have mentally cataloged, refuting him was impossible.

Tea partiers need to be studied. Perhaps not every one of us needs to know every statistic, but having each member of the group responsible for the details on one or two subjects will create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. And if we have that information, it yields us nothing unless we have the balls to use it – to present a different conclusion based on the same data to a room full of people or a politician who wants to dictate terms of government to us.

This brings up another point: if you have the data and your argument is solid, gather the chutzpah to head off with your opponent. A handful of people in that room had the data to refute Mr. Salyer, but their questions barely rose above a mumble and once he had served them up a piece of sugar-coated crap, they offered no retort. Tea partiers must not only be informed, but be willing to turn that information into an analysis, a question, or a refutation. We cannot sit passively as politicians bend the facts to facilitate their gain and expect us to swallow the idea of government on their terms.

As I chat with people around the country and at my local tea party meeting, I realize that there are so many good citizens sacrificing their time and resources to the correction of this country. But the tea party movement must be a self-correcting movement, lest unscrupulous outsiders exploit our weaknesses against us, just as Patrick Sayler attempted. For starters, we can beware of superficial tactics, such as catchphrases, to woo our votes. But let us be a party who knows their facts and challenges those who would pull the wool over our eyes. We have gathered. Now we’ll focus.


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Because Prozac should not be necessary to drive a nation.

You know that family vacation you took with little children? You know, the one where the kids started screaming the moment you got in the car, you got a flat tire, the hotel was more expensive than you thought it would be and somewhere in California the baby puked on your 4 year old?

Yeah that one.

Most people would rather take that vacation every year then become  involved in politics.


Because eventually, you have faith in your ability to clean up the car.

Bringing humor to the normally depressing world of politics.

But it doesn’t have to be that way,The Brazen 3 are here to make sure of that.

Who are the Brazen 3?

Lauren, Shelby and Cassidy. Three sisters that talk about politics. Our goal is  to arm America with tools and knowledge while making milk shoot out of your nose. So grab a chair and some hot cocoa because entertainment and education are so close here you’ll need a recount to tell them apart.

Stay tuned for more updates.

And bring some paper towels.


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